Published on December 7, 2021
Lord may I work with you in a spirit of trust, together building a vision for my life .
Open the doors of my heart to allow you to come & speak to me.
My I take time to connect with you, my self, and others so that the road ahead becomes clearer
Help me to be amazed by you & know that you are amazed by me.
May I find time to think and explore the bigger questions, always willing to learn about you and how I relate myself and to others.
No matter what happens may I imitate you and be an instrument of your Love and Compassion.
Give me the generosity of spirt to offer all that I am in the service of my sisters and brothers.
Guide me along the right path, showing me how to navigate the course of life and discover my true destination, my true identity, my mission on this earth. Amen
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'PRAYER FOR YOUTH'