Our Parish

We welcome the many people of all nationalities who have chosen our Parish as their home. The website will give information about the history of Parish as well as the services and activities provided. You are welcome to contact any of the parish team for further information.

Chapel Hill

No Mass during the pandemic

Mong Chapel

No Mass during the pandemic

Church of the Assumption

Masses subject to change. Please refer to weekly newsletter.
Saturday 6.00pm
Vigil Mass
Confessions after 6pm Mass when requested
Sunday 10.00am Mass
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 4/6pm time of quiet prayer sitting with the Lord.
Monday 9.30am Mass
Tuesday Prayer at 5.30pm
Wednesday 9.30am Mass
Thursday Prayer drawing on the inspirations of the Stations of the Cross 5.30pm
Friday 7.00pm Mass

St. Columba’s Hospital Chapel

No Mass during the pandemic