Please God we will soon be able to celebrate Jesus’ presence as we gather together for ‘the breaking of the bread’.

We’re being invited these days by our Bishops, to embark upon a new journey. The invitation is that we together, like pilgrims travelling to Lourdes or Santiago de Compostella, share our story – where we’ve come from, where we find ourselves these days, and where we hope to go to, as the Spirit guides us. It’s a challenge, have no doubt about it. It means a new and different mindset. We’re used to strong direction from Church leaders. Now, together, we are asked to be responsible enough to together discern where the Lord wants us to go, and he will be with us on the journey. We’ll have to be attentive, to him and to one another.  It will be scary for our Bishops, and it is often easier for all of us to hold a kind of passive membership in the Church community. Now the invitation is to embark on a Synodal Pathway. A good project for each of us, this week, will be to familiarise ourselves about this new Pathway. You’ll get a lot of information on