Published on September 9, 2022

Next Wednesday, September 14th, we celebrate the discovery of the Cross. This event calls to mind when Saint Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, went to Jerusalem and uncovered the remains of the cross that Jesus was crucified on. The cross had been buried in the Temple of Aphrodite. During the excavation of the site, three crosses were discovered. It is believed that the cross that Jesus died on was discovered when it healed a dying woman. Afterwards, the cross was venerated, and at an Easter service in Jerusalem the same inscription Pilate wrote was placed above it. At this event, people kissed the remains of the cross, the first such event. The exaltation of the cross is celebrated in Eastern, Catholic and Orthodox Churches alike every September.

September is also when we celebrate the Season of Creation, a time of grace in which the church offers to renew its relationship with God to humanity. It began on September 1st with the World Day of Prayer and will end on October 4th with the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi.