CHURCH SERVICES THESE WEEKS, beginning Sunday 19th December 2021

Published on December 21, 2021
Parish Church Sunday 19th Mass 10.00 hours
Sunday 19th Mass 11.30 hours
Monday 20th Mass 09.20 hours
Monday 20th Adoration 15-17 hours
Wednesday 22nd Mass 09.20 hours
Friday 24th Mass Christmas Eve 17.00 hours 20.00 hours
Saturday 25th Christmas Day Mass 10.00 hours 11.30 hours
Sunday 26th Mass 10.00 hours 11.30 hours
Monday 27th Mass 10.00 hours
Wednesday 29th Mass 10.00 hours
Friday 31st Mass 19.00 hours
Saturday 1st January 10.00 hours 18.00 hours
Sunday 2nd Mass 10.00 hours 11.30 hours
Monday 3rd Mass 10.00 hours
Wednesday 5th Vigil Mass 19.00 hours
Thursday 6th Epiphany 10.00 hours
Friday 7th Mass 19.00 hours
Saturday 8th Mass 18.00 hours
Mong Thursday 23rd Mass 19.00 hours.
May be an image of 2 people, sky and text that says 'CHRISTMAS MASS TIMES'