Trocaire recommends ways at home to help protect the environment:

Published on September 24, 2019
1. Use Freecycle, FreeTrade Ireland,
2. Stop junk mail.
3. Make your own gifts e.g. jam, clothes, arts and crafts etc.
4. Grow your own fruit, vegetables, herbs
5. Stop using disposable plastic water bottles
5. Stop using disposable plastic water bottles
6. Use a slow cooker- more energy efficient than an oven
7. Avoid take out cups
8. Use an electric shaver rather than disposable blades to reduce waste
9. Use the stairs rather than a lift
10. Enjoy more time in nature
11. Wash laundry at 30°C when possible
12. Campaign with Trócaire for Climate Justice
13. Buy ethical clothing
14. Check up on your own carbon footprint and see where you can make
15. Dry your washing outside
16. Walk, cycle, take the bus, tram or train
17. Reduce driving speeds to use less fuel
18. Don’t leave electrical appliances on stand-by
19. Use up leftover food
20. Discuss and promote environmental issues with friends and family
21. Buy locally sourced food
22. Reduce overall meat intake and have a weekly meat-free day
23. Volunteer with Trócaire
24. Help FoodCloud (ROI) distribute surplus food from local businesses to
people in need
25. Avoid Clingfilm- use a plate to cover bowls of food or a tea towel
26. Boil only the amount of water you need in the kettle.