Tommy Spillane Grave Fund:

Published on December 1, 2020
Thanks to all who donated so generously to the Tommy Spillane (Spellins) grave fund. Subscriptions well exceeded our expectations. However, we made sure that a top-class effort was produced and the comments from those who have seen the finished product have been heart-warming. The community can be justly proud of its efforts for one of our own.  With some of the excess funding we bought a fine cup and medals to organise a Juvenile Competition in the Parish for young players. The cup will be ‘The Tommy Spillane Memorial Cup’ and will be  played for each year by underage hurlers. Thomastown Hurling Club have kindly agreed to run the games annually. Tommy, in his young days, was a rising star who even Ollie Walsh looked up to. His memory will be perpetuated in this way. The first games were due to be played some time ago but had to be postponed due to the second Covid 19 lockdown.
The remaining small Balance we directed to deserving Charities. All our actions were performed through a Credit Union A/C which will now be closed. With renewed thanks for your big hearted response to our request, Tommy Hayes and Joe Dunphy.