There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.

Published on October 5, 2021
It is good to be ambitious, to have goals, to want to be good at what one does and to succeed in it. But ambition can get out of hand. So, we must be careful what we are sacrificing in the pursuit of our goals. We may be sacrificing family life, justice, kindness, even life itself.
Jesus did not abolish ambition. Rather, he redefined it. For the ambition to rule others he substituted the ambition to serve others. For the ambition to have others do things for us he substituted the ambition to do things for others. So, it is not ambition itself that is being condemned, but false ambition.
False ambition is very damaging to community. It springs from jealousy and selfishness. And it can result in all kinds of ugly behaviour.
There is a good form of ambition which Christians should not shy away from. Jesus did not tell the apostles that they should not seek greatness in his kingdom. He just showed them where true greatness was to be found. It is not to be found in being the masters of others, but rather in being the servants of others, especially the weaker members of the community.  Service implies that you’re not there for yourself. You are there for others. (Flor McCarthy)