The Pope reminds all of us to make sure that our communication strives ‘to be clear and honest, in the press, on the internet, in the Church’s daily preaching and in political or social communication. News reporting risks leading to a reportage created in newsrooms, without meeting people face to face to research stories or verify situations first-hand. Journalism calls for the ability to go where no one else thinks of going, a readiness to set out and a desire to see. Pope Francis says ‘We owe a word of gratitude for the courage and commitment of all those professionals – journalists, camera operators, editors, directors – who often risk their lives in carrying out their work’.

The internet can increase the capacity for reporting and sharing. At the same time, the risk of misinformation being spread on social media has become evident to everyone.

Jesus issued the invitation to ‘come and see’ when Andrew and another disciple of John the Baptiser enquired where Jesus lived.  They did, and they were impressed, and came back for more. St. Augustine said ‘We have books in our hands, but the facts before our eyes’. In the work of evangelization witness speaks loudly enough for others to want to discover more.