Re-opening Ireland:

Published on June 29, 2021
Keep up the good work! Thank you for your efforts to play your part in
re-opening Ireland. We may be inclined to think that all is well, and caution can be abandoned.
We get many reminders of the need to be careful, specially with the quick spreading Delta variant of the virus. Thanks to all who have worked under very challenging circumstances over the past 16 months. As the country re-opens, don’t forget to support local businesses! We acknowledge with gratitude the work of the people who worked the essential services. During the past 6 months Fr. Dan has been involved on a few occasions when the Gardai got 999 calls and wants to thank them for their dedication, tact, and sensitivity in difficult circumstances. Their service has changed from the times when they checked if we had lights on our bikes and in the pandemic they have regularly been on call for domestic issues.
As we re-open Ireland, our Schools shut. All thanks and good wishes to school staff and students who have had to negotiate a very challenging year, dealing with pandemic as well as creating and maintaining a learning environment. Of course, the coming two months will provide so much opportunity for formation, a precious time also.