Published on March 22, 2022
Awareness of the divine begins with wonder. Moses was filled with wonder at the sight of a bush on fire which wasn’t consumed by that fire. However, it’s easy to wonder at something unusual such as that. Even a fool wonders at the unusual. It takes a wise person to wonder at the usual. This is our problem. We long for visions but seldom watch the sunset.
Most of us find it difficult to recognise the greatness and wonder of things familiar to us, the ‘miracles’ which are daily with us. The root of worship lies in a sense of these miracles. Awe and wonder can be caused by small things. A grain of sand or a leaf or a snowflake can suffice.
It’s a poor faith that needs miracles to sustain it. Those who are attuned to God do not need miracles. They are conscious of living in a world which is sustained by His power and every part of which speaks of Him.
May be a cartoon of fire