Published on March 24, 2020
The particular circumstances of Lent this year impose their own discipline.
Remember Trocaire. The customary Trocaire boxes are available at the Churches. This is the Irish
Church reaching out to people less fortunate than we are. A way of exercising some self-denial.
For prayer, check out www.sacred space.ie This Jesuit website provides daily prayer based on the
Gospel readings at Mass.
Check the Diocese of Ossory website for numerous ‘offers’ from Adult Faith Development. Avail
of a Lent Text message – text your number to the Adult Faith Development group at 0858313100.
See also www.catholicbishops.ie and www.catholicireland.net and www.ossory.ie
Lent Online Retreat: Do a free three-day online retreat focusing on Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving
available throughout Lent. Register now priory institute.com 01 404 8124