His reputation spread throughout Galilee

Published on February 8, 2022
+ The people of Nazareth could not accept that this local boy had something to teach them. Fixed ideas about people can at times block us from hearing what is being said. What a difference when we drop our prejudices! Perhaps you have experienced hearing an important truth when you focused on what was being said, rather than on the person saying it?
+ The anger of the people arose when Jesus confronted them with God’s inclusive ways. For them, God was ‘their God’ and God’s blessings were for them. Jesus reminded them that this is not God’s way. When have you been challenged to think in new ways and not to be excluding some people from our thoughts or concerns?
Was there good news for you in the challenge?
+ Jesus continued his work despite the opposition. Have there been times when despite opposition you have been able to ‘walk through the people’ and ‘continue on your way? Have you seen this courage in others?
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