Cemetery Masses:

Published on June 8, 2021
Unfortunately, it is still deemed unwise to hold Cemetery Masses. Fr. Dan will bless the graves at Colmcille Cemetery on Thursday, and the blessing will be put up on Facebook.
He will bless the graves at the Cemetery at St. Columba’s Hospital on Friday, and the blessing will likewise be put up on Facebook.
In your own time be sure to visit the Cemeteries and say a prayer there. So far, the Mass at St. Mary’s Cemetery will not take place this year. Fr. Dan will bless the graves around the August bank holiday.
Thank you for keeping the graves well, and even though we will not gather in big numbers, please keep the Cemeteries well. There may be a grave near yours that is unattended because there is no family remaining in the area. You might remove weeds there and tidy it up. Please make sure to take away rubbish. If bringing your dog to the Cemetery, be sure to always keep it on a lead and remove anything the dog may deposit there.
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